We create salads with a difference.

  • Nutritionally balanced salads that help you meet your dietary needs
  • Ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers
  • Reduced farm to plate time.
  • Uses superfoods and science of pairing
  • Designed by public health experts and nutritionists
  • FSSAI certified and compliant to the National Health Policy
  • Nutrition meets innovation, taste, appetite and appeal

What inspired me to start Greens&More?

Preeti Sinha

Giving birth to my two daughters has been special and the most cherished moment of my life, however pregnancy and childbirth took a toll on my health as I gained 20 extra kilos of weight and developed Sciatica. All my worst nightmares came true as I dealt with breathlessness, back pain, joint pain, and fatigue on an everyday basis. Fitting into old clothes was a thing of past and a big let down on my self-confidence and body positiveness.

With immense support and encouragement from my family and peers, I joined an aerobics class, became mindful about my food habits and then one thing lead to another. Months of research on the modern food pyramid, today’s lifestyle, the importance of raw food, raw/natural vs processed food resulted in weight loss that I couldn’t be more happy about. This encouraged me to share my recipes, tips, and advice with like-minded people and resulted in the birth of Greens&More.

We believe that tasty, healthy and nutritious food need not be boring and restricted to a certain palate. There are 14+ health and wellness meals to choose from that are dished out every day fresh from the kitchen catering to different nutritional needs.

Well, my weight loss and goal to reach a fit body and a healthy mind turned out to be fruitful as no longer struggle with Sciatica or feel breathless while playing with my kids. I am more energetic and productive than ever. I have regained my self-confidence in this process and feel proud to share the rich and nutritious products with you all. I firmly believe that proper and timely nutrition can do wonders for anyone.

– Preeti Sinha

Nutrition Expert of Greens&More

Dr. Manmeet
Nutrition Expert

As nutrition expert of Greens&More, Dr. Manmeet advice and shares the best practices of nutrition keeping various health and nutrition needs of customers in mind. She firmly believes in the concept of preventative healthcare with the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Dr. Manmeet has 14+ years of experience in diet consultation and academic experience with different hospitals and organizations such as Hospital Arneja Heart Institute Nagpur, Chakrapani Panchakarma, Yoga & Nisargopchar College Nagpur, Integrated College of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences Nagpur (affiliated to Kavikul Guru Kalidas Sanskrit University), and Women’s world Chennai.

Adding to her credits, she has organized various Health Awareness Programs, seminars, and workshops for Corporates and Schools along with Physiocell Corporate Wellness Pvt. Ltd & the Madras Market corporate event organizers, Chennai. She has been a consultant dietitian for A.R.Rahman’s family.

She is a Gold Medalist from Nagpur University, holds Doctorate Degree in Food Science & Nutrition, a Certified Nutritionist and Fitness consultant from INFS Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences Pune.

Mentors of Greens&More

Ajay Muttreja

Ajay Muttreja is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur ( Mechanical Engineering) and IIM Ahmedabad ( Business Management). He has 38 years of professional experience of cross-border technology & strategic collaborations, a global expansion for Indian companies besides India entry strategy consulting and implementation for 1,500 foreign companies. During last 2 years, supporting 75+ Indian Government bodies & foreign organizations, Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Centres and many startups (including social impact enterprises) as Strategic Advisor, Mentor, Jury, Investment Expert, Think Tank and hand-holding virtual partner.

Former CEO & Board Member of Tecnova (1987-2016).
Former Industry Advisor to Royal Government of Bhutan ( 1985-87).


With 25 years of diverse professional experience as an Entrepreneur and as an Executive Management Team of software firms, Bharath comes with an expertise of grooming and mentoring start-ups with his knowledge and experience in managing critical business operations, ranging from friendly to strictly professional, helping the start-ups to set and achieve professional growth goals.

Bharath understands the motivations and desires of those who create these new companies as much as he knows intimately the needs of people who buy and consume their products. For that reason he joins with the entrepreneurs in this endeavour to embrace change and be a catalyst for helping the industry adapt. Having worked with the Armed forces and been a Martial Arts expert, Bharath strongly advocates that being Fit is the best way of living a great life.

He is actively involved in the technology upgradation projects and strongly believes in adding technology to business thus enabling a faster business growth. Apart from keeping up-to-date in latest technologies such as Cloud, Digital, Analytics and Risk & Compliance Management practices, Bharath also mentors startups as Strategic Advisor, Mentor and a Value-chain creator. Being a Vegetarian and a Fitness freak, Bharath loves to experiment with low-carb foods filled with natural protein with good fats.

He promotes and participates in many Fitness Programs, Seminars, and workshops across the country, especially within the Fitness and Wellness areas. Bharath holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with a Masters in business management and has multiple certifications in ICT, GRC and Martial Arts.

Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh Gupta has been in a leadership position in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for the last 25 years. He has successfully pioneered Organic Agriculture in India, and many other countries in the Asian Region. Mukesh has introduced the pioneering and internationally competitive organic farming & organic food industry since 1995 successfully in India through Social Entrepreneurship business model/s.

He has been heading nationally number-one Non-Government Organisation in Agriculture, Social Sector Services and Innovations in Small Business Developments since last 20 years. A total of 10 years’ experience as CEO for a variety of Organisations in the SME sector covering a diverse range of industries such as Chemicals, Pesticides Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Textiles.