Most Common Diet and Fitness Queries Answered

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Are you planning to get on a fitness journey? Are you clueless about your dietary requirements? Our nutritionist has all basic questions answered. Read on to know more about a healthy and fit life.

1. What is good health?
A complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease defines good health.

2. What are calories?
The calories are units of energy which people need to live and function. Calories are sourced through fats, proteins, carbohydrates and sugars.

3 Are carbohydrates bad for you?
Carbs are the primary source of energy. They are classified into types: simple and complex. Complex carbs get slowly absorbed in our systems, reducing blood sugar levels. Whole grains, vegetables, and beans are great sources of complex carbs.
Simple carbs break down quickly to release energy. Fruits, milk, milk products, processed and refined sugars such as candy, table sugar, syrups, and soft drinks are a few examples of simple carbs. Hence, choose your carbs wisely as per your goals and always read labels.

4. Why protein is important and what is the daily recommended intake for a normal healthy individual?
Protein helps in repairing tissues and important for making enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. The excellent sources of protein include meat, milk, paneer, cheese, fish, soy, and eggs, as well as beans, legumes, and nuts. The recommended intake of protein is 1gm/kg body weight.

5. Pulses are an incomplete source of protein. Learn how to balance.
Pulses and legumes lack in essential amino acid methionine but rich in lysine. Thus, they should be always consumed in combination with cereals as they are rich in methionine and lack in lysine. This is how one can balance diet and make the protein intake complete.

6. What is important – the number of meals or the total calories consumed?
The total number of calories is what matters more than the number of meals. The calorie requirement should be met by the end of the day. You can adjust your meal timings and frequency as per your comfort.

7. Is detox important before fat loss diet?
Drinking water 5 to 6 litre per day is enough to automatically detox your body. However, there’s no harm in following a detox diet.

8. What’s the best diet to follow?
One that is balanced and you can easily follow throughout your life.

9. Do I need to count calories?
Yes, calories do matter in your diet to determine if you are gaining, losing or maintaining your weight. Weighing, measuring and reading nutrient information on labels of food packets is very important. As the amount of food consumed will help in counting calories.

10. Should I avoid grains?
Grains are one of the healthiest foods you can take during your diet regime. What matters is if you’re taking them according to your dietary requirement. Plain steamed rice is advisable over oily hotel biryani. Just make the right choice and eat within your macros. Grains should be avoided only in case of allergies.

11. How should I schedule my workout?
Begin with warm up and continue with stretching the muscles that need to be worked on. Once it is done, begin resistance training or weight training after which you can hit the cardio or HIIT (depending on your workout plan not compulsory). Do not forget to stretch the worked out muscles.

12. What and when should I eat around my workouts?
Eating a normal mixed meal 1-2 hours before and after exercise is sufficient. This will provide adequate protein and carbs to fuel the workout and maximize recovery.

13. How can I improve my sleep and stress management?
Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise for improving health, performance, and body composition. Always create a sleep routine and choose distressed activities before bed. Stress can be positive and negative just try to be focused in your daily life and set priorities. You can reduce stress by involving yourself in the following activities- meditation or yoga, listening to relaxing music and deep breathing.

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