5 Things everyone gets wrong about weight-loss

29 Jan 2019 no comments adunit Categories Green Posts

Are you one among those who are dedicated to a healthy diet and committed to fitness and don’t seem to shed any weight? Well, there are so many factors that go into weight loss other than a healthy diet and fitness program. Read on to know what you have been doing wrong about weight loss.

1: Diet and exercise are enough to lose weight
Eating well and keeping your body fit are important factors of weight loss journey. However, they are not the only factors which help in weight loss. Things like sleep, hormones, gut health, inflammation, medication, emotions and genes should be taken into consideration while you are on a weight loss program.

2: Cardio equals weight loss
Cardio is great to bring balance to your sedentary lifestyle. But, spending hours on the treadmill or spin bike will not give you the desired result and also leaves you exhausted. Cut down on cardio and lift some weights or do yoga which helps in muscle building, flexibility, relieving stress and boosts metabolism.

3: Eating fat makes you fat
This is the most common misconception of weight loss. Total calories in versus total calories out matters. Hence, quantity and quality of the food we select and consume needs to be checked. Fat is an essential nutrient of our diet as it protects vital organs, fuels our body and most important help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
Healthy fat – food rich in medium chain triglycerides(MCT), monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (fatty fish, tofu, nuts, seeds, sesame oil, olive oil, peanut oil, peanut butter, almond butter, avocado, roasted soybeans, dairy products and coconut oil).
Trans fat- must avoid foods that contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils like dalda or vanaspati ghee (french fries, doughnuts, deep-fried fast foods, margarine, vegetable shortening, cookies, cakes, pastries processed snack foods).
Good carbs – foods rich in complex carbs like fruits, vegetables, millets, whole legumes and grains.
Bad carbs – refined sugar in processed foods and refined foods.

4: Starving helps in weight loss
Starving yourselves to lose weight is not a sustainable option. You may lose weight but actual loss is of muscle, water, electrolytes and some fat. This also results in tiredness, fatigue and slow metabolism. Instead, follow a structured diet which is balanced with all the important components you need to retain muscle mass, improve metabolism, overall health and increase stamina. It helps as you can follow in a long run as a lifestyle change.

5: Weight loss is about calories
The notion, calories in is equal to calories out is not true. Consuming 200 calories of sprouts is not the same as 200 calories of soda which contains added sugar. The calories absorbed through the sprouts contain all required elements like fibre, complex carbs, and other nutrients which are not entirely absorbed. Whereas, the calories consumed through soda are easily absorbed and are stored in form of fat. Hence, eating right is important more than eating in quantity.

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